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Quantum Energy Wellness Bed


The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) is a type of healing technology that harnesses the power of quantum energy, frequencies, heat, and microcurrent stimulation to help you relax, recharge, and realign with your highest wellness potential.

The QEWB unites multiple potent modalities, such as far infrared heat, sound, and microcurrent stimulation. These harmonious modalities generate a perpetual quantum field and biophotons – which are light particles that the body can take in. The bed provides an innovative solution to the challenge of modern lifestyles which prevent people from accessing essential resources such as exercise, sunlight, fresh air, and clean water for maintaining health.

It combines heat, sound, microcurrent, and quantum energy to recreate these natural resources in order to help the body reach total-body wellness. The bed is designed to assist your body in receiving the resources it needs to achieve a new level of wellness.

Quantum Healing and Mental Health Counseling - Wendy's Story


Built-in speakers emit sound waves through the bed's  plating, amplifying the effects of the QEWB and facilitating a powerful sound healing journey

Far-Infrared Therepy

Far-Infrared Therapy involves the use of Far-Infrared Rays (FIR), which are invisible waves of energy that penetrate the surface of the skin to gently elevate the body’s surface temperature and promote body systems’ functions.

Thermal therapy has in fact been in existence for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations such as the Finns, the Romans, the ancient Chinese, the American Indians, and the Egyptians 5,000 years ago.

Since ancient times, people have known that exposure to sunshine can maintain and enhance health. Sun therapy is a form of natural FIR thermal therapy and Far-Infrared Rays are the invisible rays of natural sunlight that have the longest wavelength. However, sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet rays which can burn the skin. As such, people started using pure Far-Infrared heat emitted from healing units, which has similar benefits as sun rays, minus the harmful UV rays.

Microcurrent Stimulation

An electrotherapeutic modality that uses low levels of electrical current (less than 1 mAmp) to facilitate circulation and cellular healing or to reduce pain or edema.

What to expect when you have a Quantum Energy Wellness Bed Session

Bed sessions can be done in person or remotely. In person sessions will start with an introduction to the bed, completing paperwork, and answering any questions. The bed is in a private, curtained off area of the office. Minimal, comfortable clothing is recommended. The bed is warm and blankets and various pillows are provided for your comfort. The session starts once yo are settled on the bed and lasts 60 minutes. Following your session there is opportunity to ground, integrate, and process the experience with Wendy. It is recommended to have abstained from alcohol or other mind altering substances for 24 hours before use of the bed. Please bring water to rehydrate after the session. 

For quantum sessions completed at another location, a full length picture of you (head to toe, no one else or animals in the picture) must be emailed to Wendy. She will then write your full legal name and birthdate on the back. This picture will then be placed on the bed at the start of the session time. Quantum energy can interact with the energy of the person in the picture and initiate profound emotional clearing. 

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