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The decision to start therapy often includes financial concerns. Whether or not to use insurance or self-pay is a personal decision. Using insurance can help defray costs of course and this may be very important in your case. One consideration with insurance is that there is a need for diagnosis and one that must justify to the insurance company the “medical necessity” of the therapy. Sometimes insurance plans limit the number of allowable sessions rather than the length of therapy being determined by the client and the clinician- you and me. Insurance companies may limit you to only providers on their panel. 

The following is a list of insurance plans accepted by this therapist as well as a breakdown of therapy costs for self-pay.

Self Pay Rates

Individual Therapy Sessions
55 Minutes $160
85 Minutes $220
$170 Initial Assessment

$100-170 Sliding Scale per 55 minute session

Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

In Person: 
$111 60 Minutes (allow 90 minutes total)
$60 30 Minutes (child)
Temporary Package Offer
$555 6 sessions for the price of 5

$50 60 Minutes

Introspective Hypnosis
2-3 Hours $250


Accepted Insurance Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Florida Blue
Health First
Florida Healthcare Plan
United Behavioral Health

Out of Network

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